PMR Professional Services Inc.

PMR Professional Services Inc.

Information Technology Specialists

  • Website Development

  • Designing content driven websites using the leading edge HTML5 and javascript authoring for those eye popping special effects. Need a value added customer experience, want to operate on online store or extend your online presence; let us help you achieve those goals. Specializing in the latest web technologies including HTML5, javascript, jQuery, PHP, anything is possible.

    Need an eCommerce site, we can securely implement online payments and check-out management.

    Need an online customer support site, we can help.

  • Software Development

  • Programming productivity software to automate repetitive business processes to let you focus on your key business goals. Specializing in Microsoft technologies including C#, Visual Basic, ASP.Net, Windows Communication Foundation, etc.

    Need business process automation, use the latest in Biztalk and Windows Workflow Foundation technologies.

    Need to integrate spreadsheets, databases and online resources, we can help.

  • Database Design

  • Information is the key to success, organized information is absolutely critical. Let us organize your information into a strategic asset using relational database technology. We can help with,

    Electronically organize your documents,

    Real-time analytics using real-time data feeds,

    Many more forms of information processing.

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